How application modernization secures businesses in marketplace?

Digital transformation to Cloud, mobile, and intellectual are creating a world of new leads for enterprises growth and helping businesses save money, creating efficiencies, enhancing quality, and promoting products. Legacy systems do not always support new business challenges and with many skilled professionals retiring, legacy systems often become costly to support—making legacy modernization mission-critical.

For organizations that still rely on legacy technology, the promise of digital transformation can seem like a far-off dream. Because, process of updating old code can be a monumental procedure, involving millions of lines across multiple platforms. We use modernization tools to achieve fully automated migration. After migration, the new codebase and interface remains like that of the legacy system, reducing the need for IT and end-user training.

Applying Agile for Application Modernization

Medium and Large organizations are transforming legacy applications to flexible, modular application development management portfolios by implementing intelligent processes defined by fast, efficiency and resilience. By adopting agile methods, what used to take developers months to release can now take mere seconds to deploy. Adding automation and business integration into the mix makes for a cost-effective methodology. Enterprises are adopting the agile approach to application development to enhance their digital transformation smartly, while keeping pace with the competition and the changing marketplace with positive customer experiences.

Some people use Agile as a business philosophy, closely following Agile practices in the hopes of improving business operations and management. Others see it as a system for refining programming and software development techniques. Add new effectiveness to both new and old applications and get those to market faster with expert development and management services. NYGCI helps you migrate and modernize infrastructure and applications to hybrid cloud environments with flexibility and openness by using new technologies, such as Docker, Kubernetes containers.


Service Highlights of NYGCI Enterprise Application Development and Management

  • Reduce development costs while maximizing efficiency
  • Improve customer feedback and user experience
  • Deliver fast and growth to your business.

Application Development and Management Services

State-of-the-art Application Development and Management:

NYGCI is using a modern application development approach with reduced defect counts. This helps customer to manage diverse and complex applications at lower cost with faster response times to market. Requests for new functionality and specifications are handled by our team seamlessly.

Application Modernization:

To keep pace digitally and with their competition, companies must continuously modernize their applications to support business agility. NYGCI employs proprietary methodologies and tools to assess your application portfolio and identify the best approach for modernization through new channels of application development.

Cloud Application Development:

Custom tailored applications on cloud transforms your business with applications that can be built quickly and at scale. NYGCI services include end-to-end application development governance and integration on cloud.
All our services include our testing capabilities, API and DevOps that are integrated at every touch point in the application development cycle. Additionally, we can bundle mobile business application development where applicable. Taking a comprehensive approach to your mobile application development will help to grow your market faster, create new revenue streams and drive competitive advantage. NYGCI can build an ongoing, dedicated team for robust custom application development, while also delivering maintenance and security on a robust architecture.

What Happens When development and operation teams Come Together?

Greater Innovation, Increased Productivity, Higher Revenue – So, called DevOps, Learn more- https://www.nygci.com/devops