Internet of Things(IoT) has emerged as the key technology enabler for Digital Transformation and proved to be growth drivers for business across industries. Any revolution is directly proportional to change. There are innumerable uses cases of IoT, few of them being – access to real-time data to get actionable insights, remote monitoring for performance intelligence and health analytics of the assets, Machine to Machine (M2M) communication prevent downtime, and if augmented with digital twin, IoT can help organizations in predictive maintenance and save them form sudden downtime or failure machines or equipment.

IoT applications typically helps in making manufacturing operations efficient, reduces cost and enhances customer experience. In the NYGCI’s IoT thereby improving ROI. Our team blends Machine learning, M2M communication, sensor data, Device management, Apps, Analytics, and automation technologies to create autonomous smart machines and connected factories.

The convergence of machine learning, commodity sensors and real-time analytics technologies have given a new dimension to IoT. It is the future of technological interactions and presents umpteen possibilities.

Our IoT services Offering

Our team is specialized in best-in-class IoT solutions. Besides, the reliable support of our partners in Global System Integration, we exhibit a solid set of capabilities at delivering, Monitoring, and operating end-to-end complex IoT solutions throughout the world:

1.Deployment (Data Science, UX/UI, and other System Integration):

Our dedicated IoT team will start Deployment process.

2.Testing(including User Acceptance Tests-UAT and certification):

We realize the importance of testing as many independent processes are now connected. A strong and independent testing team which specializes in “IoT Testing” will test for quality and reliability.


Monitoring, analyzing, and sharing the results with you while, providing the necessary suggestions and product refinement.

4.Operation & Support(DevOps)

For our clients:

Connecting devices using IoT allows people to use the vast amount of untapped information and use it to make smarter decisions. Organizations around the world are completely designing their internal processes to deliver more personalized, efficient and customer friendly experiences.

They receive specialized advice to solve any IoT need at a one-stop-shop, including full stack technology solutions from hardware selection to middleware, Big Data, application development and SaaS operations.

Leading industrial IoT Service

  • Connect assets and upload data to the cloud

  • Collect, monitor, and analyze data in real-time

  • Gain insights that improve efficiency and profitability

  • Take advantage of apps and solutions that solve real problems

Ecosystem for Developers and Makers

  • Develop apps that increase the business value of your data
  • Make use of an open environment for development and operations
  • Profit from ready-to-use APIs and cloud services
  • Take advantage of your preferred cloud infrastructure: AWS, Azure, and Google
  • Connect with a thriving community of developers and solution partners.

Why NYGCI for IoT Development Services?

Using advanced analytics and AI, NYGCI (IoT Platform Services Provider) powers IoT solutions from the edge to the cloud with data from connected products, plants, and systems to optimize operations, create better quality products and deploy new business models.

Commercial, industrial, infrastructural and consumer applications of IoT receive consistent upgradation with us. As a result, choosing NYGCI for your Internet of Things (IOT) requirements will ensure you not only get access to superior technology but also precise and distinct solutions.

  • We deliver unique and strategic IoT project to best suit your industrial IoT solutions and applications.
  • We discover the true value of your IoT data.
  • We optimize industrial IoT ROI by streamlining product development processes.
  • We’re available for 24/7 support.
  • We can deploy on a scalable, secure architecture