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Why Salesforce for Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

As today’s customers demand a quick response, personalized service, and incredible experience– everywhere without any fail. To meet customers expectation, enterprise needs CRM for better customer relationship management. CRM from Salesforce put the customer at the center of everything they do. It acts as an aggregator to streamline the business flow by providing a total control on prospects, leads and turning them into opportunity.

Salesforce is one of the top cloud-based CRM software providers in the global market. It is designed for service, marketing, and sales. It redefines the way businesses connect with the customers by creating a more meaningful relationship. Unlike any other CRM application, Salesforce is the ultimate solution for enterprises. It is featured with all the elements that are required to run your organization on an automation platform with embedded intelligence.

Salesforce Consulting Services

NYGCI helps organizations of any size with Salesforce CRM implementation and deployment in their organizations. We help organizations make a quick transition to running their sales, customer service and marketing processes to on demand Cloud based SaaS application. Our solutions help you ensure that your software system delivers a complete end-user CRM experience through the entire customer relationship.

  • Consulting/Implementation: Choosing an implementation partner is as important. We take a great pride in our proven implementation methodology for CRM which is reflected in our outstanding customer satisfaction record. Our consultants work closely with your team to design, optimize, and deliver a solution that best meets the needs of your business and your users.
  • ERP Integration: With NYGCI’s CRM services, anyone can easily integrate Salesforce into third-party ERP and other financial applications.
  • Communities: Your interaction with customers and partners is the key component to differentiation in the marketplace. The enhanced capabilities of Salesforce Communities deliver that one-on-one experience at all levels and will define the customer relationship for your organization.
  • Data Exchange: Save time by eliminating the manual and redundant processes associated with moving data and automating the data exchange with Salesforce.
  • Analytics: The quality and integrity of your data drives the authenticity of your database. NYGCI’s unique combination of reporting experience and business intelligence expertise can bring your data to life.

Find out how CRM automation can streamline your existing processes, so the productivity of your teams is on an all-time high. Discover how our Salesforce Cloud, Nonprofit Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, Manufacturing Cloud, and Education Cloud administration, development, implementation, and data migration services can help your teams achieve organizational goals. Discover the best of Salesforce with Cloud Analogy.
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