Dynamic 365

Sales Module Services

NYGCI’s Microsoft Dynamics team offers all project needs including proof-of-concept, full-scale implementations, a version upgrades. Our team understands what makes projects successful, as well as the pitfalls that many companies encounter. Our focus on critical factors including people and process change, adoption, and alignment with business strategy ensures projects achieve the desired outcomes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a combination of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM), Field Services and Dynamics AX. The new offering is dedicated to capturing infinite opportunities across all the functional business areas such as sales, field service, customer service, project service automation, marketing, financials, and operations.

Some of the applications of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales are:

Digital intelligence:

It drives your front-line sales team to go beyond just sales automation by bringing digital intelligence to predict your customer’s needs. Sales reps can easily derive meaningful intelligence data from complex customer data that are easy to understand and take actionable decisions

Social networking:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows the sales representative to identify, engage and connect with customers through social networks allowing them to engage through sharing of personalized and relevant content

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a powerful purpose-built business solution for global enterprises that renders support to industry-specific and other business processes, and also provides a comprehensive, core ERP functionality for financial, Supply chain, procurement and sourcing, production, sales and marketing, project management and accounting, services management, BI and reporting and human resources management.

We help organizations with migration, including consulting, implementation, support and maintenance.

Our team’s in-depth experience and proven implementation methodology to guarantee that all solutions that we implement are in accordance with the customers’ requirements and are delivered on-time. Our experts set critical milestones for all implementation projects by breaking down all Microsoft Dynamics implementations into four stages: analysis, design and development, deployment and operations. NYGCI has strong expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for a diverse range of industries. Our goal is to empower you to extend, enhance, optimize and manage your Microsoft Dynamics 365 capabilities.