NYGCI application-centric approach to data center consolidation and migration provides a comprehensive solution, including program management, discovery, analysis, planning, and execution, to streamline IT infrastructure, reduce operational costs, improve efficiency, and prepare a foundation for hybrid cloud, converged, or virtual infrastructure.

We provide an organization with a strategic approach to consolidate data centers, physical servers, and migration of virtual machines to a Private Cloud, a Public Cloud, or a Hybrid Cloud. Based on an assessment of business and IT objectives, Our SMEs work with organizations to formulate a strategy and approach towards the consolidation and migration of data center assets in an effective way. This can help accelerate adoption of a centralized data center or infrastructure platform, while helping mitigate risk and reduce costs.

Our DC Services portfolio of offerings provides optimization and modernization of data centers to help customers reduce costs, improve service levels, and drive business agility

We utilize automation tools to rapidly discover interdependencies between applications, storage, and servers, which reduces the overall discovery phase from months to weeks. These automated tools enable us to deliver an accelerated data center solution while nearly eliminating human error and virtually eradicating migration sequencing and dependency errors.

Our DC Migration leverages innovative tools coupled with a matured methodology to mitigate risk. Our team defines optimal migration packages that are rapidly and iteratively executed, leveraging our automated dashboards to provide real-time visibility into all project a ctivities.

Value Added Services:

Our experienced consultants and worldwide delivery network work with your team to set optimal migration schedules that address application and business downtime tolerances. Value of NYGCI’s DC transformation services provide you with modernized infrastructure, reduced operational costs, improved reliability and efficiency, and a foundation for agile cloud service consumption. With 13+ years of experience in the industry, we deliver successful DC consolidation and migration engagements. Our services include:

✓ Data center Consolidation Design and Implementation Services
✓ New Data center Implementation, Migration, and consolidation Project
✓ Disaster Recovery Site Implementation

Our advanced, industry-leading tool sets accelerate data center transformation and rapidly uncover actionable data in real-time to maximize efficiency through out the life cycle of enhancements:

✓ Discovery
✓ Planning
✓ Development
✓ Validation
✓ Migration
✓ Management
✓ Scalability

The Data center Consolidation and Migration offering can help organizations:

✓ Consolidate and/or migrate data centers, hardware, or virtual machines to reduce capital and operational expenses.
✓ Reduce the pains of a non-standardized data center to help respond to the needs of a rapidly changing business
✓ Reduce existing VM mass caused by deployment of an enabling technology (virtualization) without management, operational, or organizational
✓ Processes that provide proper controls for resource consumption
✓ Accelerate adoption of and migration to a new private cloud Infrastructure-as-a Service (IaaS) or a public cloud IaaS.