NYGCI is one of the experience Secure IT Asset Disposition Service providers. We ensure to maintain global standards in Secure IT asset disposition.

NYGCI Secure IT Asset Disposition service provides safe, reliable & accredited disposal of redundant IT equipment for large, small, and medium organizations. NYGCI has proper logistics locally and we secure chain-of-custody practices to assure compliance, security, as needed. Technology is advancing rapidly and refreshing cycles are contracting. As a consequence, the IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) process is becoming more complex and it creates vital business risk for your organization.

Lower risk, price, and difficulty when your IT assets attain end-of-life with NYGCI secure IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) comprehensive solutions. Protect your organization by securing compliance with data security and environmental regulations and gain value from your scrapped assets. Focus on enhancing your value with a comprehensive range of Secure IT Asset Disposition services.

✓  e-Waste Recycling

Guaranteed destruction will strive to protect your business’s data from all aspects. NYGCI offers a comprehensive suite of destruction and e-waste recycling services, over several regions, that can be tested in-person or video as needed.

We ensure that as per commodity categories all assets are de-manufactured. We also adhere to the most stringent guidelines that include a no-overseas and no-landfill policy.

✓  Data Destruction – Onsite or Offsite

Flexible destruction options are available that comprise onsite or offsite capacities. Protect your business from the risk of misplaced or stolen data with secure, reliable, fully audited, on-and-off site data deletion and disk shredding. From client-based laptops, desktops, phones up to industry-based servers, NYGCI’s top-notch data destruction services will ensure the safe destruction of your data.

Our services comprise but are not limited to Data bearing media and hard drive destruction, two-stage bending, shredding services, and hard drive degaussing.

Why to Choose NYGCI?

✓  We have Flexible Pricing

As your situation is unique, we ensure our pricing is also unique too; we have competitive pricing to suit your situation.

✓  We Support to Achieve Maximum ROI

We strongly support receiving the maximum Return on Investment (ROI) from your IT assets with our international re-marketing network.

✓  We are Reliable and Secure

Through completely certified processes and a comprehensive audit trail, you can trust us in destroying your data.

✓  We have Global Reach

You can rely on NYGCI to deliver immediately as we have both national and worldwide coverage.

✓  We Deliver Best Solution

NYGCI is flexible enough to match our client’s requirements in all areas. Your business has specific challenges. We deliver tailored Secure IT Asset Disposition solutions.

Benefits of NYGCI Secure IT Asset Disposition Service

  • IT asset disposition service helps to grow real estate in your warehouse or data center.
  • IT asset disposition service ensures data security.
  • You can make additional money to fund your subsequent projects.
  • Decreases both IT deployment and IT decommissioning costs.
  • IT asset disposition service supports building a credit account to buy new equipment.
  • Minimizes business interruption during complicated IT projects and makes sure to achieve project success.
  • Value-added asset restoration options, such as asset recycling or asset remarketing.
  • IT asset disposition service lowers logistics costs.