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Protect enterprise critical data, safeguard your business against cyber attacks and minimize business downtime

As digital transformation and hyper-convergence create unintended gateways to risks, vulnerabilities, attacks, and failures, a cyber resilience strategy can help your business withstand disruptive cyber incidents. Our Cyber Data Resiliency strategy is a complete, isolated recovery solution that can help customers minimize downtime and lost revenue by providing a resilient backup to critical data and a path to recovery from a cyber-attack. Protecting your data in different ways, from different kinds of threats is very important.

Never lose your protected/backup data!

Cyber Data Resiliency solutions exist to enhance an organization by making backup copies more resilient, allowing recovery after more sophisticated attacks. It enables the recovery of most critical business information by utilizing an air gap data governance path. The process of backup and recovery are automated! Upon completion of resiliency operation, the connection from production to data vault is closed! So, you never lose the backup or any of your protected data. NYGCI Consulting accelerates the solution in customer environments through two key phases—Advisory and Implementation.

How Cyber Data Resiliency Services help on data restore?

Cyber Data Resiliency Services includes solution and implementation engineers to work with you every step of the way to plan, design, prepare and transform how you approach business resiliency by optimizing current workloads and introduce data resiliency.

⦁ Automate deploy capabilities to recover from cyber attacks
⦁ Utilize Cyber Data Resiliency as a Service proof of concept
⦁ Be prepared enough to protect and recover from cyber attacks
⦁ Pro-actively be compliant by managing regulatory requirements

Our process will ensure your environment defends against those risks, protect your critical applications data, and recover from breach or failure in a controlled, measurable way.

Ready for a Workshop and more?

We can assist putting together a resiliency strategy. Our experts utilize best infrastructure practices and tools, as integrated in a service delivery platform, for delivery of such unique service:

⦁ Plan & Design Dell PowerProtect to meet your business needs
⦁ Prepare the CRS environment
⦁ Implement Air Gap
⦁ Deploy and configure Dell EMC CRS components (excluding analytics tools).
⦁ Run one or more recovery procedure

Needs to implement a VMware or any virtualization environment to host the CRS environment?

Our engineers are well versed on all industry leading virtualization platforms. We can size it and implement it to fit to your business needs.

Need to redesign your data protection environment?

Based on our experience on backing up and restoring application’s critical data, we can take care of your data protection services as well.
Our DPaaS (Data Protection as a Service) team is available 24x7x365.

Dell Certtified

Our professional is recognized by Dell for the achievement of earning the Dell Technologies Proven Professional PowerProtect Cyber Recovery certification.