SAP ams

SAP Application Management Services (SAP AMS)

The AMS – Application Management Services – module easily leverages the IT overload of managing different enterprise systems like CRM, CMS, HRMS, and components for intelligence such as BI. However, as the number of apps – and the complexity of each app – expands, it has become difficult for internal IT teams to manage their backlogs. NYGCI helps reimagine the entire AMS portfolio towards lower costs, minimal risks, and greater tangible value.

The AMS offering by SAP ensures greater quality and a process-centric approach. Based on critical business scenarios and inherent enterprise system requirements, the SAP AMS platform comes with the right customization for clients. Our teams are well-placed to handle world-class needs around the SAP AMS platform. We engage clients across their specific application-level exigencies in terms of networking performance for implementing duly tailored enterprise processes by optimizing technical resources as well as human capabilities.

Our focus centers on the fulfillment of enterprise system objectives with the right AMS engagement structure, with seamless interaction among diverse platforms and SAP network environments. NYGCI (SAP AMS support services Provider) has helped clients with diverse AMS needs in different environments for the steady performance of all enterprise-wide managed applications. We engage clients with continuous delivery and uninterrupted support with a dynamically hybrid and cutting-edge SAP AMS delivery model.