Microsoft 365


Microsoft 365 services from NYGCI helps customers streamline their user computing environment by migrating to a Microsoft ecosystem using the Microsoft 365 suite. Clients today are dependent on multiple bolt-on solutions to deliver a workplace that is adequately mobile, productive, collaborative, and secure. These multiple solutions lead to an increasingly complex, difficult to manage and expensive end-user computing environment. Our Managed Mobility Services (MMS) team provide managed services for the entire Microsoft 365 suite. With the development of managed services for Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), Our MMS teams work with client security teams to help implement and support new security products included in the EMS suite.

We can help accelerate your move to a digital workplace through our solutions:

  • Experience in unlocking the full productivity potential of Microsoft 365
  • Giving you cost-effective and collaborative tools, including Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and SharePoint Online
  • Skills to build modern data and analytics for the cloud
  • Insights from self-service and data discovery with Microsoft Power BI for Microsoft 365
  • Experienced change enablement services to drive faster user adoption
  • Ability to extend standard Microsoft 365 service offerings with managed services.

Delivering real-world results with Microsoft 365

Our MMS team have successfully implemented some of the complex enterprise deployments. We can help you:

  • Reinvent productivity by collaborating in new ways that empower users through the cloud
  • Reduce the time and risk to migrate to Microsoft 365, and subject matter expert to focus on strategic initiatives through our managed services
  • Increase user acceptance and optimize for an evergreen release cycle by managing risks and exploiting opportunities
  • Improve overall adoption by providing workplace insights into Microsoft 365 adoption and cross-team collaboration patterns.


As a leader in the digital workplace space, NYGCI provides end-to-end solutions designed to meet virtually all your modern workplace needs. We provides a comprehensive suite of security services, device management, collaboration and mobility that enables more effective use of Microsoft security features. AI and cognitive-based, self-help-enabled services further enhance the user experience. Intelligent automated deployment uses Windows Autopilot, Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) and Microsoft Intune help improve efficiency, decrease error rates, and increase user satisfaction and end user efficiency. We support the end-to-end user workplace environment, which is comprised of workstations, mobile devices, collaboration, and security capabilities based on the Microsoft 365 product bundle. This support helps clients streamline device management, making their user environment less complex to manage, while also helping control the costs of licenses and support.

Features of Microsoft 365

Exchange Online and Outlook

Business-class email, shared calendars and 50 GB storage space per user.


Communication and Collaboration: Calling, video, web conferencing, presence, screen sharing and instant messaging.


Intranet Sites and File Sharing: Online workspace for teams within your organization with 1 TB shared storage, plus 50 GB per user.

Office Applications

Create, edit, and share Word, Excel, PowerPoint and One Note files from your PC/Mac, smartphone, or tablet with anyone in real-time.

Spam and Malware Protection

Premium anti-malware protection and anti-spam filtering.

OneDrive for Business

File Storage & Sharing:
1 TB of personal storage per user.

Microsoft Office 365

NYGCI provides Office 365 consulting services to enable multifaceted cloud collaboration in your enterprise. Our Office 365 services will help your organization reduce costs, take your productivity to the next level, and grow with the ability to work from anywhere. With expert knowledge on the process of cloud migrations our Office 365 consultants are here to fully support your business, we make sure that your Office 365 investment is maximized from planning, throughout the migration, and after implementation.

The NYGCI and Microsoft practice is focused on helping you identify, design and capture business opportunities. We help you simplify your enterprise application portfolio, fine-tune the required infrastructure, and maximize the capabilities of Microsoft solutions such as Dynamics, Office 365, and Azure.

Trusted Microsoft Office 365 Services

Microsoft Office 365 has various service packages. Enterprises should choose a package that meets the needs and goals of their organization. By choosing us as your Office 365 business consultant, we help you pick the right office software and cloud-based email solution for your business line.

We have carried out number of deployments and migration tasks and always provide you with the latest versions of Microsoft products.

When Office 365 is not enough to meet your requirements and you need to augment with on premise or dedicated server solutions, we can offer you custom standalone or hybrid solutions that suit your needs.

We also assist with Office 365 deployment. This process will not affect the email flow or disrupt business operations dramatically.

Modernize Your Enterprises with Microsoft Office 365 Solutions

  • Office 365 Consulting
  • Office 365 Implementation
  • Office 365 Customization
  • Office 365 Migration
  • Office 365 Support
  • Office 365 Integration

We provide both advisory and technical assistance depending on your current needs. Making your Office 365 solution an integral part of the enterprise software ecosystem.

Office 365 Implementation:

We help you out with selecting and Implementing a suitable Office 365 subscription plan aligned with your budget, IT strategy and collaboration scope, ensuring its efficient management and use.

Office 365 Customization:

We tailor Office 365 solutions to adapt them to your specific corporate environment, industry requirements and employees’ preferences.

Office 365 Migration:

Our team will help you plan and carry out a smooth migration of your on-premises, cloud, or hybrid deployments to Office 365 along with preserving the integrity of your business data.

Office 365 Integration

We will help integrate the Office 365 suite with your enterprise solutions and tools to ensure transparent and continuous cross-department and enterprise-wide collaboration.

Office 365 Support

If you do not have dedicated specialists to keep an eye on your Office 365 deployment, you can delegate all the support issues to NYGCI, with our AI Enabled Helpdesk Solution.

Why Switch to Microsoft Office 365?

Increased email productivity is a compelling reason to convince your organization to move to Office 365. Staying connected to the cloud decreases downtime and keeps mission-critical email communications operational. Migrating to Office 365 also saves money for your company. This software does not require you to shell out cash for hardware and licensing.

Benefits of Office 365

Office 365 for Business is much more than just Microsoft Office in the cloud. It offers many benefits for businesses, assisting growth, saving money to name a few.

  • Explore and Integrate
  • Collaborate Anywhere Anytime
  • Stay Up and Running Always
  • Flexibility
  • Get Organized
  • Tools for teamwork