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NYGCI has also built a CoE that spans SAP Robotic Process Automation driven by specialized RPA capabilities.

As processes undergo automation, it becomes essential to reach an ideal threshold across platforms and systems. SAP has been at the forefront of innovation with an eye on ever-growing scope for Robotic Automation powered by well-integrated RPA components into the enterprise software.

With evolving business needs and firms innovating with enterprise systems with the power of automation, SAP Robotic Process Automation has become the new norm. It enables and drives dynamic processes and addresses key functional requirements with minimal human intervention. Our offerings serve enterprise needs around invoice data management, financial asset management, and inventory functions.

SAP Cloud Automation

The SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation will help clients drive processes in a dynamic cloud-driven automated environment. This is achieved with the native interaction of three essential components – Intelligent Enterprise Suite, Intelligent Technologies. With an understanding of niche requirements as well as an understanding of business dynamics having collaborated with clients across the globe, NYGCI is delighted to be positioned ahead of its rivals in this specialized domain.

NYGCI enables business growth across key indicators with a comprehensive and complete SAP Cloud Automation to help firms apply automated scenarios with industry-standard protocols with the highest degree of precision. We offer implementation and support across these crucial suites that can interact with humans and interpret commands and heave text-communications. The underlying bots can further re-learn and redefine business processes along with process-level recommendations to leverage SAP more efficiently.

SAP Automation through Citrix XenApp:

Our resources are specialized and trained on Citrix XenApp framework across domains and business verticals. We help businesses automate their Citrix-based applications with added expertise in Surface Automation. Now automate all critical applications tied with your Citrix environment with our technically competent team that is well-versed in leveraging keystrokes and Global Clicks in a dynamic Citrix environment; switching between Region mode and Spy mode to complete the automation process seamlessly.

SAP Automation within Remote Desktop:

SAP solutions powered by bots are programmed to run on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. The crux of the solution lies in navigation across pages and saving of text using mobile across the Virtual Desktop infrastructure. The provision of desired explorer configuration enables users to activate the mechanism to access remotely saved and modified files for active usage across metadata files as well as newly updated master data entries at file-level.

For instance, in a typical RDP (Remote Desktop Publishing) setup, Virtual Desktop users can create an automated intelligent process that could interact with the web browser, scans text, and saves it in a file with the desired location. This location is remembered by the machine intelligently to drive repetitive processes and functions seamlessly for saving enterprise data and files into the virtual environment – along with creating, scheduling, monitoring, and managing the essential Intelligent Explorer resources to realize maximum Remote Desktop performance and 24/7 uptime. It also enables core business applications to unleash the true power of a ‘remote’ back-office.

Native Automation for all SAP Modules:

One of the key goals of SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation roadmap – across all of the SAP modules – is to achieve consistent and well-integrated custom automation powered by native automation. The RPA components are boosted with innovative Best Practices to run ‘natively’ across all core as well as augmented business applications. We enable end-to-end delivery of services with the most suitable on-shore, off-shore, or hybrid models.

SAP Integration consultants help you bring SAP data and functionality into native iOS, Android, and Windows apps across client-side legacy systems seamlessly. We also offer Bolt-on solutions for ERP are modules that work side-by-side with the core ERP system and provide supplementary functionality that can extend across mobile devices.

SAP Automation within VMWare Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI):

As SAP looks towards automation across platforms and architectures, the enterprise application vendor is now offering RPA capabilities on VMWare Virtual Desktop too boost performance and enable business scalability and eliminate errors. The components of such an application can communicate with external software and access company resources from non-SAP networks for data and intelligence needed to drive this specialized RPA capability.

The SAP Automation driven by RPA and enabled on Virtual Desktop offers clients and stakeholders more to cheer about. Users can now connect from a virtual desktop that is tied to any form of the console – be it a Windows, Linux, Macintosh, or any other machine. The intended user can complete authentication with two-factor sign-in and automate SAP tasks securely as well as dynamically for the bots to take over, and complete functional responsibilities within the stipulated timeline. NYGCI offers specialized services around SAP Automation customized to VMWare VDI across functional requirements.

SAP ECC 6.0 with EHP7 Automation:

The ECC 6.0 Automation with EHP 7 capabilities can explicitly drive the firm’s efforts towards digital automation – with a view at Best Practices across specific automation workflows for optimum results. This ensures a business-centric transformation with an upgrade of key automation components supported by rapid turnaround across the testing and production (PRD) environments.

The upgrade offers a consistent transition with the validation of key users and completion of user acceptance testing under the full EHP 7 environment. The Software Update Manager (SUM) allows the enterprise to go through with various nuances of the upgrade and keeps the business automation running across the network. Most of the Best Practices can be imbibed using configurable templates with process assembly. Kindly reach us for more queries on specific automation needs and configuration.

SAP Netweaver Automation (Browser-based) :

Intelligent SAP Netweaver with browser-based automation lets users work cross heterogeneous software, by acquiring tools and application server capabilities to drive integration at system-level as well as application-level. NYGCI has attained deep expertise in SAP automation with browser-based capabilities across Netweaver components.

Enterprises can now seamlessly integrate their workflows with rapid and unmatched SAP Netweaver capabilities at ease with a rich set of built-in browser-based tools that enable automation with a minimum or zero coding requirements. Netweaver can integrate across various applications and system boundaries. Our on-shore and off-shore models help us better identify key functional and process requirements throughout the Netweaver implementation cycle.

SAP S/4HANA Automation :

SAP now offers a seamless extension for the SAP S/4HANA with the provision of APIs for skilled developers and consultants. This is enabled with the backend system APIs aimed at system integration and the development of new and mission-critical custom applications that firms choose to deploy on cloud or hybrid architectures. We enable S/4HANA Automation across all the critical business applications and enterprise data layers on the cloud with SAP’s inherent versatile connectors. Real-time mapping coupled with seamless transition act as key drivers.

SAP Intelligent RPA (iRPA) through Insights :

The crucial Insights component offers intelligent options for enabling the use of assets and leveraging RPA with a customer-centric outreach. NYGCI offers clients with a host of options to leverage this specialized and intelligent RPA Insights platform.

The new version of SAP Co-Pilot excels at conversational AI as well as individual alerts upon execution of pre-defined database queries – to offer never-before ‘humanized’ user experience. For instance, the supply chain management function can now use i-RPA Insights drawn from the Predictive Analytics Integrator (PAI) component to precisely track and differentiate moving and non-moving inventory.

SAP revitalizes extensively data-driven platforms with its specialized components that can unify enterprise AL and Intelligent information management with scope for scalability with subsequent business requirements. The insights help leaders make timely decisions and help organizations meet timelines, sustain growth amid economic challenges, and maximize potential ROI across various business-centric touch-points.

“We offer SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation enabled platforms for SAP EHS and AMS.