RPA Services

RPA as a Service

RPA software robots work with systems and data exactly as people do, but with higher accuracy and much faster results. Bots and intelligent agents can now work on high-value activities, breaking down data silos, and driving more value from legacy systems. As RPA evolved, there have been distinct ways of how a robot is designed, where it is placed – and precisely how intelligently it responds and fulfills the requests of humans. Based on these parameters, the nature of automation can be classified as unattended, attended, or co-working (hybrid)..

With proven expertise, NYGCI helps clients with signature RPA platforms that can integrate seamlessly with the enterprise. Depending on the way bots interact with humans and external applications, bots can be classified into several forms:

RPA Services

Attended Automation

Attended automation reduces errors to the minimum as humans work on tasks collaboratively with the bots. For example, take the case of Profit and Loss reports for the Finance department. While humans can focus on verifying and submit the data for decision-makers, robots can be trained to perform monotonous tasks as data formatting. The collaboration is directed by humans in such a scenario, while unattended RPA can execute and accomplish tasks independently. Tools we use like Blue Prism offer classic on-desktop options as well as off-desktop capabilities. RPA Attended Automation enabled at on-demand event driven functionalities such as Banking and insurance to perform day to day activities, Bill voucher scanning, SAP Invoice Processing’s, Pass Parameters and initiate Batch jobs, Generating reports and Letters On-demand, Support Tickets processing, providing parameters and generating Insights for an organizational outcome.

1. On-Desktop (attended): In this scenario, the bot shares a desktop with a human user, who is fed from a set of instructions and interactions with humans. The bots can store data and repeat required tasks in the desired manner at the subsequent point of time with the desktop-enabled RPA macros programmed using tray icons

2. Off-Desktop: The Digital Workers perform their tasks with the help of a business user without a desktop – from a cloud or on-premise location powered by secure data centers. Humans make use of email messages, collaborative tools, and specialized Web Services. These will now be replaced by bots to complete tasks across files and desired data over the cloud.

RPA Services

Event Drivers Tobots for BPO and IVRS

The classic approach to automation has now faded away, with bots capable of working in tandem with instant human interaction and real-time decision-making power. Our team of automation experts understands key client requirements in terms of automation. UiPath and Blue Prism expertise has enabled us to cater to the modern enterprise-level needs in removing data silos and streamlining repetitive tasks with the efficiency of bots..

For instance, robots can scan through a ZIP of codes to find the right delivery vendor, access the underlying app, and send a notification to the customer for delivery of the specific order. Such bots can handle more than 150,000 cases each year, thereby saving about 4,000 man-hours with zero errors. As such, more CIOs are looking to achieve cost-cutting by choosing the most robust RPA tools:

RPA -driven User Interfaces

Modern Automations offer consistent user-friendliness with dynamic interfaces by leveraging cutting-edge visual tools and technologies like holograms and augmented reality. More importantly, robots can understand human interactions, actions, and even take inputs in the form of voice. Thus, RPA Service offerings help enterprises and employees with smart speech-text conversion, user recognition, and versatile screens and dashboards that facilitate ease of operation and overall orchestration at critical man-machine touch points Bill voucher scanning, SAP Invoice Processing’s, Pass Parameters and initiate Batch jobs, Generating reports and Letters On-demand, Support Tickets processing, providing parameters and generating Insights for an organizational outcome.

These RPA UIs provides functionality for Calling Web APIs such as generating Weather reports, initiating processes integrated with Chat Bots, Routines with Voice recognition capabilities, AI based Python interfaces, RPA SAP processing VBOs calling.

RPA Services
RPA Services


Organizations that focus on value-added activities are increasingly employing unattended bots that can often take up repetitive tasks smoothly. This in turn frees up resources and boosts ROI from clear and distinct streamlining of data-driven operations. Such bots are usually configured and deployed extensively by IT resources and can run on virtual machines – saving immense hardware needs and peripheral requirements.

Periodically scheduled SAP Monitoring’s, On-demand Access provisioning and authorization checks , Periodic Analysis based BOT production, System Health Checks, Report generation, Mails triggering, Support tickets processing, Providing pictorial graphs periodically.