Cloud Services & Solutions

Cloud Computing is no longer something new. We offer computing resources — servers, database management, data storage, data protection, networking, software applications, and special capabilities such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) — over the internet, as opposed to customers owning and operating those resources on their premises. This helps you quickly create a reliable and scalable infrastructure. There are 4 cloud computing models – public, private, hybrid or multi cloud. NYGCI (Cloud migration service providers in India, US, Australia & Singapore) elevate you to the building blocks of cloud with any of the right model that fits your organization.

Security is most concern to industries of all sizes. Cloud infrastructure is as secure as you make it. Responsibility for securing the cloud lies not only with security teams, but also with DevOps and operations teams that are charged with ensuring appropriate security controls are used. To avoid cloud computing risks, NYGCI incorporate built-in security layers at every level — from the data center to the operating system — delivering a fully configured solution with industry-leading physical security of your choice and regular vulnerability scans performed by highly skilled specialists.

NYGCI’s cloud computing platform offers organizations a host of benefits

  • Cost-effectiveness of paying for only the resources you use
  • Faster time to market
  • Critical applications and services
  • The ability to scale easily, affordably and — with the right cloud provider (Azure, AWS, GCP & others)— globally

Our customized services are comprised of highly automated and scalable compute resources, complemented by cloud storage and network capability which can be self-provisioned, metered, and available on-demand. Our cloud enablement is complete in two steps process and an optional 3rd step to have NYGCI manage your cloud environment.

Step #1: Cloud Advisory Services

  • Cloud Strategy & Roadmap aligning to customer’s cloud journey
  • TCO & ROI Analysis
  • Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) subscription
  • Proof of Concept

Step #2: DC Consolidation & Migration

  • Access, migrate and manage physical and virtual servers to NYGCI’s IaaS platforms (10 Regions, 26+ Availability Zones and 50 Edge Locations)
  • Virtualization Platform Deployment & Migration
  • IP Management & Security Testing
  • Relational Database Services
  • Application Profiling, Testing, Modernization, Migration
  • Archiving, Data Protection tools & Storage
  • Cloud Disaster Recovery
  • Setup Monitoring Service (Metrics/Triggers)

Step #3: Cloud Managed Services

  • Cloud Performance Monitoring
  • Configuration Management
  • Security Maintenance
  • Managed Relational Database
  • Software Defined Network
  • Spend Optimization
  • Managed Operations

Our Service Highlights

  • 24x7x365 Support Availability
  • 9 SLA for Availability services
  • Qualified Certified consultants on all computing resources of your choice
  • Immediate to 2 weeks to deploy professionals within short notice

Cloud Computing Prices

Leading Cloud service providers have no shared standard unit price for cloud capacity or common pricing structures, nor are there common specifications for the underlying hardware that runs the cloud applications.

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For more details on Data Protection as a Services (DPaaS), visit https://www.nygci.com/data-backup-services/
For more details on Storage as a Services (STaaS), visit https://www.nygci.com/managed-storage-services/
For more details on Software as a Services (SaaS), visit SaaS page