Enterprise Application Services in USA | Hybrid Computing Solution

At NYGCI (Enterprise Applications Services in USA) provides a full Spectrum of Professional Services for developing, maintaining, and supporting enterprise-class Business Applications. our technology resources are having strong knowledge and hand on experience on areas like, Enterprise application integration (EAI),Enterprise resource planning (ERP),Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. We have implemented multiple projects in different business segments like retail, pharma, IT, and manufacturing with the clients like Small, Medium, large and government.

NYGCI (Hybrid Computing services in Singapore) builds applications to rapidly meet the evolving needs of your growing business. Our cloud-based applications provide an intricate framework to connect, communicate and collaborate with your customers/partners to promote your brand. These dynamic value centers give the advantages of accessibility at all places & at all times, plus ease of customization for users. Our spectrum of services includes simple website applications to complex internet applications, e-business applications and social network services.

Our extensive enterprise solutions avoid every sort of delay, error occurrence and other invoice and delivery issues arising with the business. NYGCI has successfully assisted domestic and international clients to streamline their business using the most relevant enterprise applications development services across the globe.

Our Enterprise Applications Services include:

  • Custom Developed Software – Design, Development, Implementation, Testing, Deployment, Maintenance and Support of Custom Developed Software required for Your Business.
  • Support of Customer Software – Integration, Customization, Implementation, Maintenance and Support of Vendor Software for Your Business.
  • Enterprise Application Integration – Application Integration services within Your Organization or with external Applications using various Techniques and Platforms/Technologies.
  • Database Development & Administration – Database Development, Support and Data administration Services.

Key Benefits of Enterprise Applications Services (EAS):

1.Reduced IT Complexity
2.Increased Agility
3.Simplified IT Processes
4.Reduced IT maintenance cost
5.Increased Your Functionality
6.Increased Efficiency
7.Improved data sharing and management & more.


1.We are the assistance in gaining the rightful end-to-end business process.
2.We help in application transformation, development and support service with the latest technology.
3.We help in building the desired enterprise application solution with the right 4.technological framework.
5.Our technical and support service will help 24*7 in 365 days.

Feel free to talk with our technologies experts, please write an email to Services@nygci.com