Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) has selected NYGCI’s response to Request for proposal 29528

In the letter informing the New York Global Consultants of our win on RFP 29528, Annie Wu from Philadelphia Gas Works stated:

We are pleased to inform you that New York Global Consultants has been selected as one of the firms with whom PGW would like to continue negotiations. We are pleased by your response to the RFP.

During the next phase, we will soon contact you and ask for a contract to review. We will expect you to meet with us at PGW to discuss any major contract issues. Assuming we are  able  to  proceed,  we  would  seek  an  accelerated  drafting/negotiation  schedule  that  would conclude  with  a  final  contract.   We  expect  that  you  will  be  able  to  assist  us  in  achieving  this schedule.  I look forward to working with you in this next phase.  Please give me a call when you receive this if you would like to discuss the process more fully.

– Annie Wu, Buyer II for Supplier Chain Department, PGW