Redefine data storage capabilities with ‘Hot Cloud’ Wasabi platforms

Cloud storage with immense capacity and unrivalled advantages – that is what Wasabi brings to the IT floor! We are proud to have revolutionized the changed the cloud landscape for the ‘Hot Cloud’ space with no strings attached. Organizations are looking for a bottomless cloud that is tied to the business growth – and remains with it through the expansion.

As customers look to win over the competition as well as reduce storage costs with affordability and reliability, our cloud-storage platform will value each and every component of data right from generation to incorporation and disposal. We have understood the systems and processes aligned with data storage – and all vital parameters that can capitalize on the full potential while actually fulfilling data storage needs.

Our cloud platform is futuristic – that actually believes in modern trends of disruption with the advent of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence – that is set to transform the very concept of businesses that existed with all legacy stuff in place. We now have a cloud solution that is all the more effective, fast, and genuinely accommodating the aspirations and needs for organizations and processes that look at AI and Machine Learning to realize customer satisfaction with data-driven automation.

With Wasabi, it is just as swift to tier-up data storage and to ensure all storage management applications function seamlessly. It is also possible to avoid hard decisions on which data to retrieve or discard – as storage comes with an S3-compliant interface, as well as storage capacity that is abundant.

Organizations can focus on core businesses while we ensure their data management costs do not cross the operational cut-offs or IT budget forecasts. A leading cloud storage technology that allows users to grow with the business with a game-changing platform that covers the entire spectrum of modern-day data storage needs with securely multi-tiered and robust hardware and efficient resource planning.

Data-driven operations are closely dependent on efficient and fast Data Storage – along with reliable backup and recovery options. Wasabi ensures your data resides in an environment that is protected by conventional as well as modern security mechanisms and protocols. Private network options with faster uploads and downloads make the cloud setup all the more ‘handy’ without any hidden costs or premiums attached to API calls.

Our ‘Hot Cloud’ storage has redefined the data storage ecosystem in 2017 with an offering that is 20% of the typical AWS setup price and faster than the competition. With zero hidden charges – as mentioned above – Hot Cloud is framed to be a one-stop solution to fit diverse needs from the commercial or business perspective. All the more, the arrangement is a disruptively simple one in the context of modern and complex cloud storage architectures.

Safe and secure data backup and recovery with options for private networks

Fast-paced uploads and downloads with immutable storage across data centers

No hidden charges or costs associated with the premium API call charges

One-size-fits-all setup with multi-tiered options enabled by feasible architecture

Ensuring unmatched data storage that can save many man-hours for IT personnel

Reduces storage-related fixes and maintenance with 11x9s Data Durability

The Wasabi setup now allows IT teams to save a countless number of man-hours and fix up or plug the unpredictable data egress and loopholes across networks. With multi-faceted protocols, the Wasabi offers a cloud storage environment that is flexible yet rigidly secure in the face of malicious attacks, thereby allowing seamless interaction with data storage partners and Hot Cloud specialists with maximum ease of business operation.