Revolutionary Computing Services with Path-Breaking Capabilities

Organizations are increasingly looking at world-class services in terms of data scalability, yet looking for the means to protect vital information from preying software and malicious attempts from rivals, the need for reliable infrastructure and tools to protect and storage becomes crucial.

Evolving business needs call for a very dynamic and well-placed IT infrastructure, coupled with a secure data-driven environment. A resilient data security ecosystem will enhance the network performance with critical tools that can also stabilize the overall elements that make up the entire security ecosystem.

The need to move into a hybrid cloud world with scalable Infrastructure as a Service to connect data-points and centers seamlessly has risen all the more than ever. NYGCI (Cloud Computing Services Company) offers specialized computing services that also address requirements for environment-friendly and high-density converged infrastructure coupled with resilient means of storage.

We offer Infrastructure as a Service option for customers to move into a dynamic and hybrid cloud. It also assures the optimal utilization of enterprise-class cloud services and service-oriented infrastructure that also encompass energy-efficient datacenters. The service portfolio is enriched with infrastructure to address business-critical requirements by protecting data and covering compliance and regulatory standards for the emerging organizational needs.

For expanding their footprint and looking to transform on a global scale, the need for data visualization services is on the rise with cross-platform and seamless functionalities to interpret and evaluate data at critical touch-points. With a multi-faceted approach, our platforms can extend and fulfill visualization needs for varying data sources. The framework of computing services services can also provide a benchmark to develop futuristic solutions covering critical business processes that can visualize data from a central repository.

Data visualization with stable and real-time platforms will help enterprise decision-makers collate between offline and offline data for making crucial decisions. Businesses can now offer data-driven omni-channel experiences for end-customers to benefit from product recommendations, discounts, and attractive packages based on data generated from buying patterns and purchase history.

 NYGCI Data Visualization services offer flexible models keeping in view resources and technology with a robust implementation and hassle-free Data Visualization Services capture systems to innovative data models. Enterprises across the products and services spectrum now require keeping their data protected across their cloud-based or distributed systems.  Since the last decade, enterprise data has formed the crux of business operations – yet it is quite vital to protect critical information.

NYGCI Data Protection as a Services can offer a ‘reliable’ protection layer to data assets with an ability to improve network performance, and provide options for enabling storage and recovery on a subscription basis – across multiple touch-points including customers, stakeholders, supply chain partners, geographical niche partners, and agency ecosystems. All of this constitutes the universal enterprise data – that NYGCI (Data protection as a Service Provider) can understand offer the right Data Protection-as-Service option based agreed standards and timelines based on customer-centric and feasible subscription models.

We can offer a custom architecture with improved reliability and performance metrics to turn around your business fortunes. As a reliable data resilience operator, we are proud to offer the right access and storage across host servers and all of the local as well as remote resources. This will enable innovative disruption towards world-class Cyber Data Resiliency Services amid global challenges and cut-throat competition. NYGCI (IT Infrastructure Support Services Provider) has built the expertise to serve niche requirements for firms looking for critical services for their processes and functions – providing top-notch standards of resilience for seamless and secure data operations.

A class of specialized Managed Services involves streamlining the deployment – and more importantly – the migration of cloud-based solutions with underlying data and supporting web application and file systems that potentially make up for the complete enterprise data center. Further, NYGCI (Cloud Migration Services Provider) also partners clients for Managed Cloud Migration to enable them to apply continuous improvements to the so-called ‘factory cloud’ migration and setup, thereby adding value in terms of the physical architecture as well as virtual components.

With more varied platforms coming into the IT ecosystem and enterprises opting away for legacy-based solutions to modern hardware and infrastructure to propel them on the path to innovation, a well-deployed HCI setup can do wonders. As partners in some of the most prestigious HCI implementations, NYGCI (Hyper-Converged infrastructure Services Provider) has carved a footprint of itself with its expertise in terms of niche as well as global requirements.

We have addressed challenging issues with feasible yet futuristic Hyper-Converged Infrastructure with the right hardware components, protocols, and the underlying protocols that realize the benefits of choosing us as their valuable vendor. Some of the key objectives include addressing complexities arising from manual processes, mapping unutilized resources, and fixing what is known as Data Center ‘sprawl’ and taxing of virtual machines that are part of the setup. This has helped in turning around lost ground and recovering the agility in operations from the perspective of deployed infrastructure as well as the process it drives.